Wines Pavan has assumed considerable ability,
with ample space for productive activities and using
the most advanced technologies.


The wine we sell is the fruit of winemaking
grapes from our vineyards or farms
carefully selected over the years


A wine tradition that has been handed down since 1919
trying to preserve flavors and values of Venetian culture.


Visit our company and our vineyards. Enjoy our culture and tradition.
Same passion and same values since 1919!


With their typical fragrance and generosity our wines to reproduce those who savor the tradition and values of human culture Veneta,
transmitted from one activity to the family structure that has managed to combine in synthesis the values of hard work and commitment to opening all those ‘innovation.


The company Vini Pavan has assumed considerable capacity, with ample space for productive activities
and using the latest technology while maintaining the specific characteristics authenticity.

The production cycle

The entire production cycle, from grapes to bottled wine is entirely within our cellar. Part of the wine marketed is the result of the vinification of the grapes from our vineyards, the rest by the purchase of the raw material grapes, must and wine from local companies and agricultural cooperatives carefully selected over the years.

Working process

In the process of the wineries we use cutting-edge tools and techniques. For the production of sparkling wines we use the ``Charmat method``, natural fermentation in autoclave. We are therefore able to offer healthy products and genuine respect for dietary discipline.

Product storage

The experience accumulated over the years and the high production capacity allows us to make a production ``in-stock`` avoiding overdrafts and stocks too long in our range of wines. We feature a large indoor warehouse for the storage of finished products whose movement is by means of modern trucks the electrical / electronic.

The bottling line

The bottling line is fully automated and composed of many machines that allow us to offer a very wide range of references. In fact, it nell'imbottigliato produces the following capacity: 0,250 liters; 0,500; 0,750; 1,000; 1,500; 2,000; 3,000. The closures are used the screw cap (both traditional and ``stelvin``), the cork cap is satin that fungus; We also proposed the crown cap, recently returned ``fashionable``.